Copper Vessel Sink Bathroom, Black Wash Basin

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Dimensions : Diameter x Height 10 in  x 6 In

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This product displays a copper vessel sink with an antique-style, engraved exterior and a lustrous interior, paired with a classic brass faucet. Its polished interior contrasts with the textured design, and it rests on a small, ornate base. With a darkly patinated exterior with its exquisite floral engravings, the interior's polished copper finish creates a dramatic contrast.

This sink, which comes with a matching antique brass faucet, The combination of detailed engraving and polished copper creates a striking focal point for any bathroom. This sink is both a practical fixture and a decorative piece, ideal for those looking to add vintage elegance to their bathroom design. Its polished interior contrasts with the textured design, and it rests on a small, ornate base.

✦Dimensions : Diameter x Height 

10 in  x 6 In  / 25 cm x 16 cm h

13 in  x 7.5 In / 33 cm x 19 cm h

16 in x 9 In  / 40 cm x 23 cm h

20 in x 11 In  / 50 cm x 25 cm h

Is the black wash basin's color prone to fading over time? 

The black finish is designed to be long-lasting, but as with any colored material, prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals and sunlight may affect its appearance over time.

Can I install this vessel sink on an existing countertop?

Yes, this vessel sink is designed to be placed on top of a variety of countertop materials. We recommend ensuring the surface is flat and stable to support the sink's weight.

 What type of faucet should I pair with this sink?

 You can pair this sink with any standard faucet that complements its vessel design. The choice of style, whether modern or traditional, depends on your personal preference and bathroom decor.

How do I clean and maintain this round bathroom sink?

Clean the sink with a soft cloth and gentle, non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid using acidic or harsh chemicals that can damage the copper and the black finish.

Does the black exterior require special care compared to traditional copper finishes?

The black finish may show water spots or fingerprints more readily than traditional copper, so it might require more frequent wiping down to maintain its pristine look.

 What is the drain size for this sink, and is it a standard fit?

The sink is equipped with a standard drain size, typically 1.5 inches, compatible with most bathroom sink drain assemblies.

Q: Is the black round sink finished on the exterior only, or is the interior black as well? A: The interior of the sink typically retains the natural copper color, providing a beautiful contrast with the black exterior. However, If you want that just contact us.

Q: Will the copper sink interior develop a patina over time?

Yes, like all copper sinks, the interior will naturally develop a patina, adding character and depth to the sink's appearance. This process can be slowed or altered with various finishes and treatments.

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To maintain the luster of your brass and copper decor, regularly dust with a soft cloth and occasionally polish with a brass or copper cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the finish.